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Whether it is the latest odds or current scores, at ATS Bets you can read and find a wealth of sports information. With our detailed records you not only can see the record of your favorite ATS Expert, you can find every prediction they have made as an ATS Expert. While other services only brag about winning, ATS Experts proves it with our detailed records. What makes ATS Experts a unique sports handicapping service? We offer guaranteed sports picks determined by our proprietary Hit Rate or Accuracy Estimate for each guaranteed prediction. AE is an “Accuracy Estimate” based on historic picks performance of each ATS Expert. The Accuracy Estimate is a mathematically provided statistic that "Handicaps the Handicappers". The AE is an easy to follow review of the historic picks made by a handicapper and calculates the potential win/loss based on their historic results of Experts specific teams. Some Experts follow specific teams and/or conferences and the AE is a terrific tool to help members find the best handicappers for specific games. The higher the Hit Rate % the higher the Expert's performance. has been an industry leader since 2006 with a roster of experienced sports tipsters. From free sports picks to industry leading ATS Bucks Bonuses, ATS Experts provides value to all sports bettors.

Sports handicappers listed by

Name 30 Day
Brian Quincy 94-46 (67%), +$21,800
Scott Riley 89-51 (64%), +$17,625
Brandon Donnelly 92-58 (61%), +$14,450
Chris Coleman 66-37 (64%), +$12,625
Hank Downey 89-61 (59%), +$11,700
James Murphy 74-48 (61%), +$10,500
Frank Delgotto 81-54 (60%), +$10,400
Lyle Clark 93-69 (57%), +$8,450
Carmine Luzetti 87-64 (58%), +$8,300
Andy Myer 27-12 (69%), +$6,950
ATS True Consensus 43-28 (61%), +$6,100
Calvin Adams 25-13 (66%), +$5,425
Jacob Martin 47-34 (58%), +$5,350
Jason Barett 21-9 (70%), +$4,600
Mike Dolan 37-27 (58%), +$4,025
Sean Cassidy 18-13 (58%), +$2,125
Kelly Steward 19-15 (56%), +$1,250
Dave Alexander 0-0 (0%), +$0
Stanley Baker 0-0 (0%), +$0
Julian Dread 13-13 (50%), -$115
Tommy Hartell 55-54 (50%), -$2,225