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Jon McFadden

Yesterday: +$1,500 7 Day: +$1,175 30 Day: +$975

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Documented Handicappers Reviews

Jon McFadden verified since 10/30/2012

Jon McFadden is a basketball specialist that has been handicapping NBA and NCAAB since 1996. Jon has worked independently and as special advisors to other sports handicappers online. Documented Handicappers has monitored Jon's performance the past two NBA and college basketball seasons. Hard work and perseverance has helped Jon land a key role as one of their head basketball advisors.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 3-0 (100%), +$1,500 528-385 (58%), +$51,905
NBA 3-0 (100%), +$1,500 299-247 (55%), +$13,280
NCAAB 229-138 (62%), +$38,625

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