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Richard Hartline

Yesterday: +$1,100 7 Day: -$700 30 Day: -$960

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Richard Hartline verified since 3/6/2010

Richard Hartline has put the time and dedication into his life the past 5 years to become a prominent sports handicapper and Precision Picks is proud to now offer Richard's services online. Richard has made a name for himself competing in numerous online contests and tournaments and allowed Precision Picks to follow his picks throughout. Richard is extremely excited to join a veteran staff of Precision Picks Experts and will be offering NBA Picks, NCAAB Picks, MLB Picks, NFL & NCAAF Picks to his members. We welcome all of Richard's clients and new members to a successful partnership with Precision Picks.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 2-0 (100%), +$1,100 524-373 (58%), +$56,635
MLB 2-0 (100%), +$1,100 45-41 (52%), -$240
NFL 72-45 (62%), +$11,175
NCAAF 82-56 (59%), +$10,225
NBA 166-145 (53%), +$3,225
NCAAB 159-86 (65%), +$32,250

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