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Kurt T. Poway verified since 12/9/2008

You can plan to stay ahead of the books this year with the sharp eye of Kurt Poway. K.T.P. has been a top performer at Oddsboard from the start. The OB Experts are known for profiting off football and Kurt has ranked at the top by out performing most experts online. Ask Kurt where he got his skills and he will tell you that "I watch sports, I watch A LOT of sports". Kurt knows that the sportsbooks have the same information (trends and ratings) as handicappers and the real value from a handicapper comes from raw instincts. These instincts are honed from following and researching every game which allows Kurt to immediately spot favorable lines and hit the sportsbooks when opportunity exists. Finally Kurt passes on these few words of wisdom. "Remember, there will always be a handful of daily selections worth attacking, but there are no guarantees on any wager and the key to long term profits is patience and money management".
Date Game Line Outcome Money
9/19/2020 Los Angeles vs Colorado Over 11.5 (-115) Loss -$575
9/19/2020 San Francisco vs Oakland Oakland -158 Win +$500
9/19/2020 Stephen F. Austin vs UT San Antonio Over 55 (-110) Loss -$550
9/19/2020 The Citadel vs Clemson Clemson -45.5 (-125) Win +$500
9/19/2020 Toronto vs Philadelphia Philadelphia +1.5 (-125) Win +$500
9/19/2020 UCF vs Georgia Tech Over 63 (-110) Win +$500

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