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Yesterday: -$1,775 7 Day: -$4,620 30 Day: -$3,060

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I am not a believer in systems, programs or number crunching formulas to handicap games as a handicapping methodology. I am firm in my belief that you aren't playing against the sportsbook, you are playing against the average Joe, AKA squares. I am notorious for attacking inflated point spreads, soft lines, and totals that are a little out of whack.  Stop wasting your money following the public and side with the sharp money.
Date Game Line Outcome Money
12/5/2022 Boston vs Toronto Under 227 (-110) Win +$500
12/5/2022 Indiana vs Golden State Indiana +9 (-110) Win +$500
12/5/2022 Miami vs Memphis Memphis -2 (-109) Win +$500
12/5/2022 Miami vs Memphis Over 226.5 (-110) Loss -$550
12/5/2022 Milwaukee vs Orlando Milwaukee -9.5 (-110) Loss -$550
12/5/2022 New Orleans vs Tampa Bay Tampa Bay -3.5 (-105) Loss -$525
12/5/2022 Philadelphia vs Houston Philadelphia -7 (-110) Loss -$550
12/5/2022 Philadelphia vs Houston Under 220.5 (-110) Loss -$550
12/5/2022 Phoenix vs Dallas Under 222 (-110) Loss -$550

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