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Yesterday: +$950 7 Day: +$1,225 30 Day: +$7,120

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Bryan Bowman verified since 3/22/2014

My entire focus from the start of my career has been to make my clients money from my research. I don't guarantee to win every pick on the board but I have proven that over the course of a season, there is a high probability that my clients will profit. I have always been a baseball enthusiast and to this day I still feel it's America's Pastime. Other sports may more popular but I know how to make money betting on MLB and I look forward to proving my value with my new client base at Sports Investor Central.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 3-1 (75%), +$950 204-139 (59%), +$26,455
MLB 3-1 (75%), +$950 204-139 (59%), +$26,455

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