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Yesterday: -$1,225 7 Day: -$5,270 30 Day: +$8,125

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CB Ferris verified since 4/9/2015

CB Ferris has spent the past 15 years studying the odds and probabilities and has transferred this unique knowledge and understanding of statistics and probabilities into the sports betting world, which has enabled him to win on a consistent basis. As a pure numbers guy, crunching numbers is how CB gets to the bottom line without public or media biases on his picks. CB is a believer that numbers never lie and uses systems, programs and number crunching formulas to handicap games. He is firm in his belief that you are not playing against the sportsbook, you are playing against Joe Public. Many of CB's plays are based on a psychological analysis of the general public's lack of knowledge and understanding of the ins and outs of sports wagering. (Its a whole lot more complicated than just fading the public!) He also relies on a nearly photographic memory with an uncanny ability to tell you a teams history and statistics dating back for decades. Anyone can look up the statistics and tell you how many touchdowns a guy has scored, CB can also tell you about the ones that he almost scored. If you are a looking for a statistical advantage this season, join forces with one of the most knowledgeable gaming experts in the industry and have your most profitable season ever.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 1-2 (33%), -$1,225 890-644 (58%), +$90,550
MLB 1-2 (33%), -$1,225 341-219 (61%), +$48,480
NFL 0-0 (0%), +$0 11-10 (52%), -$10
NCAAF 0-0 (0%), +$0 20-16 (56%), +$1,030
NBA 0-0 (0%), +$0 178-161 (53%), -$200
NCAAB 0-0 (0%), +$0 340-238 (59%), +$41,250

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