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Colin O'Connor

Yesterday: +$0 7 Day: -$600 30 Day: +$6,700

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Colin O'Connor verified since 3/25/2013

Colin O'Connor was mentored by Ray Franklin the past four years and needless to say, Colin has earned the opportunity to sell his sports picks exclusively through Precision Picks. Colin is a welcomed addition to our featured sports handicapping staff since he has work closely with Ray, Nathan, Russell and Richard since 2009. Colin has experience with research and analysis relating to sports handicapping and has been an integral part of the success of Precision Picks.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 572-397 (59%), +$70,685
MLB 118-86 (58%), +$14,275
NFL 66-50 (57%), +$5,810
NCAAF 69-48 (59%), +$8,175
NBA 152-114 (57%), +$13,475
NCAAB 167-99 (63%), +$28,950

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