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Yesterday: +$2,450 7 Day: +$5,950 30 Day: +$7,825

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Dave McGreggor verified since 8/17/2017

Since 2012 I have worked towards my goal of growing a client base that is only interested in making money betting on sports. I am determined to help my clients successfully manage the football season and correctly predict the outcome of at least 58% of my tips. I have managed to do this since 2012 and now, with the help of Sports Investor Central, my expectations are greater. You can expect me to handicap every available NFL and college football game and if I have determined that a matchup has value then you will find it on my card. I won't release picks solely for marquee matchups and I don't exclusively pick favorites. When you join my service you will get instant access to my NFL and NCAAF spread picks and total predictions. My job isn't to advise the casual sports bettor. My job is to cater to the serious sports investors that truly believe in the art of football handicapping. Now let's make some money this football season!
Sport Yesterday Season
All 6-1 (86%), +$2,450 171-140 (55%), +$8,290
NFL 6-1 (86%), +$2,450 74-54 (58%), +$7,175
NCAAF 0-0 (0%), +$0 97-86 (53%), +$1,115

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