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Ethan Alexander comes from Richmond, VA and is a third generation contractor. Both his father and grandfather were contractors by trade so naturally Ethan spent his childhood summers working with his father and grandfather framing houses and churches throughout the area. Ethan claims that he was not as handy as his father or grandfather and sometimes felt out of place working in their business. While his father always envisioned Ethan taking over the construction business, Ethan has other plans and aspirations in his mind. At the age of 24 Ethan moved west with a friend to southern California. Ethan made frequent road trips to Las Vegas during his stay in California to enjoy big sporting events such as the Super Bowl, college football bowl games and March Madness to name a few. His addiction to sports betting grew and his passion for bright lights shifted a move to Sin City. After 6 years of gambling sports, Ethan found that desire and passion he had always knew was missing from his childhood. Ethan has enjoyed the success of helping inexperienced bettors win. Today SIC is pleased to have Ethan become a part of our staff of sports experts.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 3-0 (100%), +$1,500 605-397 (60%), +$94,285
MLB 0-0 (0%), +$0 204-137 (60%), +$36,785
NFL 0-0 (0%), +$0 82-45 (65%), +$16,350
NCAAF 0-0 (0%), +$0 84-68 (55%), +$4,500
NBA 2-0 (100%), +$1,000 73-47 (61%), +$10,575
NCAAB 1-0 (100%), +$500 162-100 (62%), +$26,075

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