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Hi everyone,

My name’s Stephen (like Colbert, not Curry), and I am the founder of Fast Break Bets. Simply put, I’m a young Chicagoan and a huge sports fan. I am very passionate about sports betting and hope to help you become a better handicapper with my picks and site.

I have a day job, but outside of work I have become an active and successful sports handicapper. I first became interested in sports betting in college and ate up any information I could get my hands on. I’ve taught myself quite a bit over the years, and now want to share my knowledge to help beginner bettors get started.

I decided to start my site because as a beginner bettor, I remember how difficult it was finding information on where and how to get started. When I did, these sites were often not user-friendly with obnoxious pop-ups, flashy ads, and unorganized information. Their ads mainly tried to convince you to open an account with a sports book (which they receive a commission from) or buy someone’s picks. Fast Break Bets is not one of those sites.

Many sites to this day continue this tactic, but this site never will. I’m not on here to try to make a quick profit drawing people to my site and proclaiming inflated success. Yes, I offer a subscription service to my NBA picks; but I will never annoy you with endless ads and spam to try to sell this to you. I promise to be as transparent as possible, allowing you to learn and also help me along the way.

The focus of my picks and website is betting on the NBA. However, most of the articles and resources on this site can be applied to many other sports. So browse around, check out all the great resources I’ve compiled, and don’t hesitate to ask me a question. Lastly, subscribe to the blog to receive the latest updates from Fast Break Bets!

Best of luck,