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Yesterday: -$50 7 Day: -$1,325 30 Day: +$2,655

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My services are tailored to the NFL and NCAAF. The fact is that the majority of sports bettors will lose in the long run. Most football bettors don't have the time to consider all angles in a matchup from key game situations, player health, weather, public betting perception, sharp line moves etc. My job is to help you get on the right side of the game and place your money on the side with the sharps. Since 2008 I have professionally handicapped football and my goal is finish the season at 59% or greater to help maximize the profit for my investors. I embrace challenges and will work harder then most in order to help you make a profit with your football wager.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 1-1 (50%), -$50 47-38 (55%), +$2,555
NFL 0-1 (0%), -$550 18-21 (46%), -$2,545
NCAAF 1-0 (100%), +$500 29-17 (63%), +$5,100

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