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Jesse Jones verified since 4/5/2015

My handicapping experience dates back to 2005 and it has taken me around the world and provided me with opportunity to work with some brilliant minds. I prefer to bet on the diamond due to the length of the season and countless ways to profit if you bet smart. There are certain circumstances throughout the season that many novice bettors fall trap to such as betting on high priced favorites and neglecting the underdogs. Vegas too will get greedy and rely too much on trends which equals opportunity. My ability to spot a trend before it becomes a trend is one of the keys to long term success.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 4-1 (80%), +$1,500 495-357 (58%), +$56,715
MLB 4-1 (80%), +$1,500 495-357 (58%), +$56,715

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