King Sports Picks Reviews

King Sports Picks Reviews

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King Sports Picks Background / Wiki

When you join King Sports Picks you are dealing with a recognized leader and trusted name in the sports handicapping industry for more than 2 decades. There is no major secret to our success. By doing business the right way in and industry with several less than reputable operations we continue to grow and improve our service to our clients. The bottom line is that we are people just like you and our goal is to insure that over a season our clients are happy. We know how clients stay happy and that is simple- win more than you lose. In our 20+ years in business we've never made one outgoing phone call or solicited a spam campaign to lure clients. Unlike most services out there none of our staff is on commission. We will never try to sell you on 'locks' or 'can't lose games' because we deal in reality not bullshit high pressure sales tactics. If you purchase a sports prediction and it does not win, we will credit your account back - YOU ONLY PAY FOR WINNERS. At King Sports Picks we pride ourselves on transparancy and accurate reporting of all handicapper records. Unlike most sports handicapping websites, all of the KSP handicapper picks are released to the pubic 10 minutes after the start of every game.

Sports handicappers listed by

Name 30 Day
Vincent King 86-52 (62%), +$15,865
James Gunnar 68-48 (59%), +$8,880
Frank Moone 79-62 (56%), +$6,640
Joel Levine 68-53 (56%), +$5,230
Peter Trell 74-64 (54%), +$3,045
David Luang 61-52 (54%), +$1,870
Morgan Reynolds 80-70 (53%), +$1,375
Fred Berns 63-57 (53%), +$355
Charley Founds 0-0 (0%), +$0
Kris Saint 0-0 (0%), +$0
George Hampton 55-56 (50%), -$4,695