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Welcome to the Lines Makers Picks, where you are GUARANTEED to beat the line as WE made the line. For over 35 years the management at the Lines Makers Picks has been giving there direct input into the development of the lines that the Las Vegas casinos use to beat you. Well now we have taken our information public so you can beat the line that Las Vegas made!

Our management core has over 115 years of lines making combined between the 5 partners. Not only have 4 been directly involved with the lines making in Las Vegas but one of our co founders came to us directly from Costa Rica. It’s no secret that the off shore casino’s mimic what Las Vegas does daily but there are times when the offshore books are much different so it is great that we have his added value and input.

Our winning formulas have been producing winners for Las Vegas for over 35 years. Now the other side gets to benefit from our great skills.

We have 4 different packages and they are all priced at daily packages. If you would like a multi day or monthly discount please email or call us directly to inquire.

Our 4 different packages will cover everyone from the $25 bettor all the way to the elite bettors who are betting $25,000 or more per game.

All of our plays are posted daily on our website. We are 100% transparent. Plays are posted every morning online. At anytime you may call into our friendly customer service staff and see why the Lines Makers Picks is the place where you want to purchase winning information!

You can finally stop guessing and start winning today. Purchase a package today starting at $9


*** Please note we are only selling our Daily Nickle Club plays on here. To get full access to other plays please check us out on our website where we release free plays daily!