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Mason Porter verified since 8/21/2014

Mason Porter has been analyzing, handicapping and betting football professionally since 2009. Mason initially tried his hand at handicapping all major sports including MLB and NBA but quickly realized his focus needed to be solely on football since his passion was with the pigskin. Mason was one of our first enrollees in our Documented Handicappers farm league and waited for his opportunity while gaining experience through our mentoring program. Mason fully expects to profit at the end of each NFL and NCAAF season.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 6-2 (75%), +$1,900 17-12 (59%), +$1,875
NFL 0-0 (0%), +$0 8-1 (89%), +$3,425
NCAAF 6-2 (75%), +$1,900 9-11 (45%), -$1,550

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