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Yesterday: -$1,025 7 Day: -$1,250 30 Day: +$5,835

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Did you know that with a 162 game schedule in the MLB season there are 2430 baseball games you can bet on? There will be times throughout the season that oddsmakers may lay off a game for one reason or another but with the volume of MLB games in one season it's to see how experienced sports bettors will have an advantage over the bookmakers. During the course of a season we will have up to 15 games on certain days of the week which allows us to easily spot value in a small volume of games. My job is to deliver you with the day's best bets on the diamond and I bet my reputation that I can do this for my clients this season.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 1-3 (25%), -$1,025 364-221 (62%), +$63,120
MLB 1-3 (25%), -$1,025 364-221 (62%), +$63,120

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