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Yesterday: +$900 7 Day: +$1,775 30 Day: +$10,225

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Ralph Learner is an entrepreneur, world traveler and self made man. Ralph was forced to provide for his large family at early age and has always been motivated by money. "My situation was no different than a lot kids growing up in single parent homes where children are expected to contribute to the family. I am thankful that I was able to provide for my family back then and still do to this day. I was lucky enough to turn a negative situation into a positive experience and from that experience I benefited from learning the value of hard work which you can not put a price tag on". Ralph has been working full time since the age of 11 and has worked more jobs by the age of 15 than most people have worked in a lifetime. Ralph has a story for every person he's encountered and they all have a positive spin. Sports betting has been a staple in Ralph's life for over 20 years and we fully expect Ralph to provide positive returns for his clients. From NFL to college football, you can expect to receive sound sports betting advice from Ralph Learner.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 4-2 (67%), +$900 192-158 (55%), +$9,025
NFL 4-2 (67%), +$900 55-45 (55%), +$2,700
NCAAF 0-0 (0%), +$0 137-113 (55%), +$6,325

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