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Yesterday: +$0 7 Day: -$550 30 Day: +$1,125

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Ted Stone verified since 10/27/2015

Ted places a strong emphasis on NBA Totals and NCAA Basketball spread picks. Documented winning seasons since 2008, Ted has placed among the top NBA and NCAAB performers in Documented Handicappers. "My basketball selections are hand picked based on my extensive knowledge of pro and college basketball. I prefer to go against the majority of the public because the public places too much emphasis on crowd favorites. You can guarantee you are getting my top rated plays of the day."
Sport Yesterday Season
All 0-0 (0%), +$0 585-437 (57%), +$52,665
NBA 0-0 (0%), +$0 192-163 (54%), +$6,500
NCAAB 0-0 (0%), +$0 393-274 (59%), +$46,165

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