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Yesterday: -$100 7 Day: +$915 30 Day: +$1,815

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Tim Harris verified since 2/26/2015

Tim was part of a two person sports handicapping investment firm from 2001-2013. While his firm was a profitable venture, his long time partner retired which lead Tim to Oddsboard.com in early 2015. For the better part of 10 years Tim and his partner averaged +$35K to +$40K in profits during the MLB season and NBA was routinely a $5,000 to $8,000 per month money maker for his client base. "A common question from my client base is what handicapping system do I follow? My answer is simple: I don't follow a handicapping system. My sucess has come from analysizing the public data and a big part of that comes from watching line movements. One of the many reasons the general public will lose money to sportsbooks is they have no clue how to study the line movement to decipher the sharp money and sqaure money. Public perception is an important factor when determing odds and no one does it better than Las Vegas. In order to bank long term profits you must be able to beat the public".
Sport Yesterday Season
All 3-3 (50%), -$100 353-256 (58%), +$33,770
MLB 2-1 (67%), +$525 97-67 (59%), +$10,530
NFL 1-2 (33%), -$625 2-4 (33%), -$1,275
NCAAF 0-0 (0%), +$0 7-2 (78%), +$2,400
NBA 0-0 (0%), +$0 15-13 (54%), +$450
NCAAB 0-0 (0%), +$0 232-170 (58%), +$21,665

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