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Yesterday: +$3,200 7 Day: +$4,475 30 Day: +$3,975

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Tom Pit verified since 8/21/2014

Tom Pit is full of flash and furor. Tom's personality is very animated and his excitement and enthusiasm are hard to match. His passion is sports betting and he has successfully been able to produce profitable football betting seasons dating back to 2009. Just like all of our sport handicappers, Tom was monitored by our staff from his initial enrollment. Since 2010 Tom has averaged 59% in NFL and 61% in NCAAF. His consistency has enabled him a spot with our featured investors and he is very excited for this opportunity.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 22-14 (61%), +$3,200 212-145 (59%), +$26,715
NFL 0-0 (0%), +$0 104-68 (60%), +$14,885
NCAAF 22-14 (61%), +$3,200 108-77 (58%), +$11,830

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