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Yesterday: +$350 7 Day: +$1,885 30 Day: +$7,405

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Whitney Hicks verified since 10/29/2013

Whitney Hicks is a proven basketball investor and has been sports betting since he was 19 after moving to Nevada to attend college. Whitney came on board with Documented Handicappers in the winter of 2011 and has displayed a remarkable sense of smart and timely investing. Whitney will focus only on NBA and College Basketball and hopes to make members big money while investing on teams that are overlooked by oddsmakers.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 4-3 (57%), +$350 122-109 (53%), +$1,185
NBA 0-2 (0%), -$1,100 44-55 (44%), -$8,265
NCAAB 4-1 (80%), +$1,450 78-54 (59%), +$9,450

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