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ootball Betting Advisor for over 10 years Placed 25th out of 2,000 in a Football Spread Betting Invitational Contest Just like any other financial investment, when it comes to football betting there are good strategies and strategies that will lose you money. The key with football betting is to never chase your losses and never bet on a hunch. Many handicappers over think their picks and it not only wastes valuable time but it wastes their clients money. Timing is everything in sports and the same goes with sports betting. I have been betting college and pro football for over 10 years and enjoy the new challenge each and every year. There is no greater feeling then when clients are cashing tickets and even better when they stake a profit at the end of the football season. My goal is to simply out work and out smart the oddsmakers and the general public. Sometimes betting isn't about beating the bookie but it's about understanding the public perception of a game and applying it to the odds. My service charge is a very small sum considering the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes before my picks are released. My personal guarantee is that I will be relentless from opening kick off of the college football season to the last second of the Super Bowl.
Date Game Line Outcome Money
9/19/2020 Boston College vs Duke Over 50 (-110) Loss -$550
9/19/2020 South Florida vs Notre Dame Notre Dame -23 (-110) Win +$500
9/19/2020 Wake Forest vs NC State Over 53 (-115) Win +$500
9/17/2020 Cincinnati vs Cleveland Cincinnati +6 (-115) Win +$500
9/14/2020 Tennessee vs Denver Tennessee -3 (-115) Loss -$575
9/14/2020 Tennessee vs Denver Under 41 (-110) Win +$500
9/13/2020 Arizona vs San Francisco Arizona +7 (-115) Win +$500
9/13/2020 Chicago vs Detroit Chicago +2.5 (-110) Win +$500
9/13/2020 Cleveland vs Baltimore Baltimore -7.5 (-105) Win +$500
9/13/2020 Cleveland vs Baltimore Over 47.5 (-115) Loss -$575
9/13/2020 Indianapolis vs Jacksonville Over 44 (-115) Win +$500
9/13/2020 Los Angeles vs Cincinnati Over 41 (-115) Loss -$575
9/13/2020 Miami vs New England New England -7.5 (-105) Win +$500
9/13/2020 New York vs Buffalo Over 39 (-110) Win +$500
9/13/2020 Seattle vs Atlanta Over 49.5 (-110) Win +$500
9/12/2020 Arkansas State vs Kansas State Arkansas State +15 (-110) Win +$500
9/12/2020 Charlotte vs Appalachian State Appalachian State -17 (-105) Loss -$525
9/12/2020 Duke vs Notre Dame Notre Dame -22.5 (-110) Loss -$550
9/12/2020 Georgia Tech vs Florida State Over 49 (-110) Loss -$550
9/12/2020 Missouri State vs Oklahoma Oklahoma -48 (-110) Push +$0
9/12/2020 Syracuse vs North Carolina North Carolina -24.5 (-110) Win +$500
9/10/2020 Houston vs Kansas City Over 54 (-110) Push +$0
9/5/2020 Arkansas State vs Memphis Memphis -18 (-110) Loss -$550
9/5/2020 SMU vs Texas State SMU -25.5 (-110) Loss -$550
9/5/2020 South Alabama vs Southern Mississippi South Alabama +15 (-110) Win +$500

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