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Kelvin Baker makes his way to Documented Handicappers as a former securities analyst that advised businesses on how to best invest their money. Kelvin looked through financial results, market prices and industry factors that might affect the price of a company's stock making him very familiar with spreadsheets and software used to examine companies. Kelvin broke out of a career rut five years ago to follow his passion of sports betting and has applied the same process to analyze data with sports. Kelvin focuses his efforts on MLB and College Football.
Date Game Line Outcome Money
1/13/2020 Clemson vs LSU LSU -6.5 (-105) Win +$500
1/3/2020 Ohio vs Nevada Over 62.5 (-110) Loss -$550
1/2/2020 Indiana vs Tennessee Over 53 (-105) Loss -$525
1/1/2020 Michigan vs Alabama Over 61 (-110) Loss -$550
1/1/2020 Minnesota vs Auburn Over 54 (-110) Win +$500
12/31/2019 Utah vs Texas Utah -7 (-115) Loss -$575
12/31/2019 Utah vs Texas Under 55 (-110) Win +$500
12/31/2019 Virginia Tech vs Kentucky Kentucky +2.5 (-115) Win +$500
12/31/2019 Virginia Tech vs Kentucky Over 47 (-105) Win +$500
12/30/2019 California vs Illinois Over 48 (-105) Win +$500
12/30/2019 Florida vs Virginia Over 54.5 (-110) Win +$500

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