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Sean Archer Picks is a recognized and trusted name within the sports handicapping community. The SA staff is equipped with over 20 years experience which means we have earned and built our reputation. Whether your game is NFL, NBA, MLB or NCAA, SA Sports Picks is your premier handicapping headquarters this season. Sean developed this service after years of research following statistical trends formulated to generate information based on compiled statistics. Sean’s ability to differentiate variances in odds set by Vegas and where he feels the odds should be set is where we are able to capitalize and earn a return. We understand you don’t have the time to make daily educated predictions. We put in the time so you can make the money. SA spent the majority of his early years belly up to card tables. Sean has used his card experience as an advantage to understanding the percentages and applying a similar concept to sports investing. Sean was able to prone his handicapping technique spending time with Sean wanted to capitalize fully on his hard work and talents and subsequently formed in the fall of 2005. Team up with Sean Archer and his experienced team this season and start experiencing a whole new way of sports wagering. Our winning sports betting picks are your ticket to a profitable season!
Date Game Line Outcome Money
7/2/2022 Arizona vs Colorado Under 12 (-110) Loss -$550
7/2/2022 Chicago vs San Francisco San Francisco -134 Loss -$670
7/2/2022 Kansas City vs Detroit Under 8.5 (+100) Win +$500
7/2/2022 Tampa Bay vs Toronto Tampa Bay +123 Win +$615
7/1/2022 Arizona vs Colorado Under 11.5 (-115) Loss -$575
7/1/2022 St. Louis vs Philadelphia St. Louis -141 Loss -$705
6/30/2022 Atlanta vs Philadelphia Under 8.5 (-120) Loss -$600
6/30/2022 New York vs Houston Under 8 (-110) Win +$500
6/29/2022 Atlanta vs Philadelphia Over 8.5 (-110) Loss -$550
6/29/2022 Cincinnati vs Chicago Under 8 (-110) Loss -$550
6/29/2022 Houston vs New York Over 7.5 (-115) Loss -$575
6/29/2022 Miami vs St. Louis St. Louis +112 Loss -$500
6/28/2022 Detroit vs San Francisco San Francisco -1.5 (+115) Loss -$500
6/28/2022 Houston vs New York Over 8 (-115) Win +$500
6/28/2022 Pittsburgh vs Washington Over 9.5 (+100) Loss -$500
6/27/2022 Oakland vs New York Over 8.5 (-110) Win +$500
6/27/2022 Texas vs Kansas City Under 8.5 (-110) Loss -$550
6/26/2022 Chicago vs St. Louis Over 8.5 (-116) Win +$500
6/26/2022 Cincinnati vs San Francisco Under 8 (-110) Loss -$550
6/26/2022 Colorado vs Minnesota Minnesota -1.5 (+100) Win +$500
6/26/2022 Washington vs Texas Over 9.5 (-110) Win +$500

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